I am a pediatrician who started making soap in my kitchen for fun. I wash my hands at least 20 times a day, so I have lots of experience with soap. After some experimenting and gifts, people requested to buy them, so now I am making my soaps available to everyone, and have expanded to a variety of homemade bath and body products (bath bomb fizzes, lotion bars, lip balms, and more).

I use plant based ingredients + beeswax, as that is my personal preference as a vegetarian for the last 4 decades, but I don’t make any judgements on those choosing to do otherwise. I also use kosher ingredients, even those these soaps are NOT edible, because I make these soaps at home.

My goal is to make gentle, moisturizing, fun soaps that everyone can use and enjoy, while encouraging good hygiene. Please contact me if you are allergic to anything, as orders are customized.

I like to experiment with additives (like ground apricot pits, oatmeal, and even toys), so offerings are constantly changing and usually customizable. Shea butter (made from a nut, not dairy) is in all of my extra moisturizing soaps (although glycerin is already moisturizing). For fun, rubber duckies, animal erasers and more can be put in the soaps, encouraging kids to wash their hands with something fun, or even just to get to the prize!

Each order is customizable to your liking – just message me for details.

For pediatric and parenting tips, check out Parenting Pediatrician.

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